L’Auberge Resort & Peace Park Elopement |Sedona, Arizona Elopement|

August 25, 2018





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July was a busy month for elopements in Sedona, Arizona!! Kat and Kelsey reached out to me to photograph their intimate elopement, and I was so thrilled to come along with them on such a special day! Their biggest priority was to have someone tell the story of their wedding day through pictures so they could make their family from out of state photo albums. How sweet and special!! I am so proud of how these pictures told Kat and Kelsey’s love story, and I hope that you love them!

Kat and Kelsey wanted to have their wedding reflect their relationship as much as possible, which is something I always advise my couples to do. The day before, Kelsey picked wildflowers from around their home to make her bouquet out of. I absolutely loved how beautiful and unique it came out! They also custom made their wedding rings to be made out of elements that they felt drawn to. 

Their day began at the lovely L’Auberge de Sedona resort. All three of us were in awe of how beautiful their honeymoon suite was!!  We all jammed out to the Songs to Sing in the Shower Spotify playlist, while I focused on their detail shots and they got ready for their picnic by the creek. I am still obsessed with all of the little details they included on their wedding day that reflected them and their relationship so well!

Kelsey and I made our way down to the picnic that Kat had set up near the creek, and I couldn’t help but notice tons of wild blackberries growing everywhere- my favorite!!  After their intimate first look with each other, they enjoyed their picnic that included Rose’ and a homemade pie. It was so peaceful to be able to sit and relax by the creek before heading off to where their ceremony was held. 

After Kat and Kelsey packed up their picnic basket, we headed off to a little park  called the Peace Park. The Peace Park is a very sacred place in Sedona, so if you ever visit, please show the utmost respect to the grounds and the people visiting. Kat and Kelsey choose this very place for that reason. The energy and peace at the park was indescribable. Everyone was so sweet to us, and we even had some guests watch Kat and Kelsey’s ceremony. 

After their very special ceremony that reflected them so well, Kat and Kelsey went back to the L’Auberge for their dinner reservations. I went to Whole Foods and went crazy at their food bar- seriously they had the best vegan mac n cheese ever!! 

Kat and Kelsey’s wedding was such a special one, and I truly felt like a friend brought along for the ride. They made me feel so welcomed and wanted, and I will never forget their special day!!