Superstition Mountain Adventure Session |Phoenix, Arizona|

August 25, 2018





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For Emily and Andy’s adventure session I got to leave the red rocks of Sedona and make my way to the desert in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s always fun to have a little change in scenery, but the heat was unreal!! I grew up in Phoenix, so you would think I would be used to the heat, but apparently not!! The only way to get around the triple digit heat is to have a super early sunrise session. I left my parent’s house at 3am. Yes. It was pitch black as I was driving out to the Superstitions, but it was okay because I had coffee to fuel me!

I had chosen a specific trailhead to take Emily and Andy’s photos at, but as I was driving I found a dirt road that I was just dying to drive down, so that’s what I did! Wow, I am SO glad I did!! This spot was absolutely stunning, especially for a sunrise session! The sun perfectly rose between the mountain range and illuminated where we were so perfectly. 

I always have people ask me how I find cool locations, and that’s how I do it. I get lost and trust my gut!! 

I met up with Emily and Andy at the location at 5am and then our fun began!! We all started out a little sleepy, but nothing a little good music couldn’t fix!! The whole time we were on snake look out because we were in the rural desert and I was terrified to step on one while shooting!! Hahah!!

Emily and Andy were literally the cutest and cuddliest ever, and I’m pretty sure Emily never stopped laughing, which I LOVE!! It was SO much fun and we totally forgot how early it was!! I am so in love with how these turned out, and it made me so happy how much Emily and Andy loved them! 

Shout out to Emily and Andy for being such troopers during this sunrise session! Let’s freaking do this again soon!!