Intimate Elopement in the Mountains at a Cabin

April 25, 2019





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Meet Caitlyn & Chad


Only in northern Arizona will you be surprised with a snow storm for your March wedding! As a Arizona wedding photographer, you seriously have to be prepared for all types of weather! Despite the gloomy setting, Leah and Robert’s day was one of the HAPPIEST weddings that I have ever attended! It was such a special day to be able to join Leah, Robert, and all of their closest friends at their wedding that took place at their summer home in Prescott, Arizona! Leah’s entire family spent the week before the wedding shoveling snow since they received an unexpected three feet only a few days before their wedding! Can we all just take in that view that the ceremony overlooked!? I would say it was well worth all the shoveling!

Leah and Robert’s ceremony was so sweet, and I found myself tearing up during it on multiple occasions. It was the perfect mixture of intense laughing and sweet tears. This day wasn’t just special for them, but for every single person in attendance. Everybody there held onto each other through all the laughter and tears- and because it was a solid 30 degrees outside! After the lovely couple said “I Do” we went off into the forest for a short portrait session. Leah and Robert truly cared about getting back to their friends and family, so we made the most of our time so they could get back to a yummy dinner that Leah made all herself! I absolutely loved the unique velvet suit that Robert chose to wear- can we all start making velvet suits a thing again?! Leah looked like a real life Disney princess in her gown from Bella Lilly Bridal. I absolutely loved the off the shoulder straps and the beautiful satin! These two could hardly keep their hands off of each other! It was seriously so adorable. They made this day SO much fun, and looking at their photos brings me so much happiness! They were such goofballs and seriously had my dying laughing the entire time!! This whole day was absolutely amazing. This intimate wedding was so laid back and fun and really focused on what mattered the most to them: friends, family, and their beautiful love! Leah and Robert- love you guys so freaking much!!

Photographer: Caitlyn Jennings Photo

Venue: Private Residence in Prescott, Arizona

Dress: Bella Lilly Bridal