Intimate Elopement on Cathedral Rock in Sedona

April 4, 2019





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John & Kesha

John & Kesha are having an intimate courthouse wedding this month in Houston but they were determined to take bridal portraits in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Both had never been to Sedona before so I was thrilled to send them an entire Guide to Sedona to help them pick out the perfect location for their session. Kesha fell in looooove with the cliff edge of Cathedral Rock and was absolutely down to hike to get gorgeous pictures. We started the hike with a beautiful bouquet made by Mountain High Florals (@sedonaflorist on insta!!), Kesha’s beautiful wedding gown, and John’s suit in tow. We spent the hike talking about all of our travels and their love story, which included them getting engaged at Disney World and taking engagement photos in the Bahamas- how cool!! Once we made it to the end of the trail John had a little surprise for Kesha. He got photos from their entire relationship printed on the inside of his suit coat- how freaking thoughtful!! Can we just talk about how perfect Kesha’s makeup looked despite just hiking up a mountain?? Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray ladies!! I knew this was going to be an amazing session when I showed Kesha a couple of photos on my camera and she literally screamed, haha!! Seeing those photos gave her such a boost of confidence and she was ready to keep going. We stayed to watch the sun set behind the mountains, and got to experience such a beautiful blue hour.

After we were done with the session Kesha told me that it was one of the best and most beautiful experiences of her life, and I will seriously never forget that. It was magical indeed.

If you are interested in taking bridal photos or even getting married on the edge of Cathedral Rock but have no idea where to start, send me a message here!!