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5 Unique Elopement Ceremony Ideas

November 13, 2023





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One of the best parts of choosing to have an elopement is that it opens up the freedom to do literally *whatever* you want for your day, and that including your official wedding ceremony! After photographing and planning over 200 elopements I’ve seen my far share of ceremonies and thought it was about time I compile a list of some of the most unique elopement ceremony ideas! Feel free to copy one of these ideas for your elopement day or make it your own! 

If you’ve had a unique elopement ceremony that you’d love to share to fellow elopers, comment it below! I’d love to hear it and pass it along!

Nighttime Candlelit Ceremony

We are starting off with the most rare elopement ceremony I’ve ever seen and that’s one that takes place in the dark! This couple wanted to share a very intimate ceremony once the trail was empty so we waited until it was almost completely black out! We brought battery powered candles of varying sizes, as well as fairy lights! These two got legally married back at home so there wasn’t an officiant. They exchanged vows, rings, and then a kiss to seal the ceremony. Believe it or not, the experience was even more MAGICAL in person! 

bride and groom releasing butterflies at their elopement ceremony

Butterfly Release Ceremony

This couple decided to include the release of butterflies in their elopement ceremony for their representation of new beginnings and their ability to bring wishes to heaven! Their officiant spoke kind words and wishes for the butterflies and the couple worked together to open the box to watch them fly! 

Time Capsule Ceremony

Have you ever thought of making a time capsule for your future selves to open? I loved this ceremony so much! The couple said their vows and exchanged their rings as normal but then decided to include letters to their future selves as well as their favorite whiskey for them to sip while they opened the letters in 10 years!

Wine/Alcohol Mixing Ceremony

Are you and your partner big fans of wine? This could be the ceremony for you! These two brides mixed their two favorite wines together to create a wine specifically for their wedding union! Feel free to get create and mix different types and unique flavors. You can also make this your own by making a unique mixed drink for you two to enjoy after the ceremony!

bride and groom mixing sand for their elopement ceremony

Sand Mixing Ceremony

Are you inspired by the desert or the beach? Grab two different colors of sand and take turns pouring some into a larger jar. The symbolism behind this is that once you mix the sands together you can no longer separate the two, making it a good representation of marriage! 

Want some more? Here is a bonus Unique Elopement Ceremony Idea:

Self Solemnization Ceremony

You may be wondering what the heck this means and what it can look like for your day! This kind of elopement ceremony should be reserved for couples eloping with just themselves and no guests (but feel free to have your furry friend be your officiant!). Some states like Colorado don’t require an officiant to sign your marriage license. If you are eloping in a state where they don’t allow that, don’t worry! There is a way to get around that! A lot of elopement photographers are legally ordained (including me!!) so we can say the legal stuff and sign your marriage license. 

A self-solemnization style elopement ceremony is led by the two partners. That means you two will exchange your vows, rings, and a kiss at your own leisure. This is very laid back so you can take your time and express your emotions fully! This is a really great option for couples who are more reserved and may not want to have anyone hear their vows 🙂 

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  1. I loved reading some of these truly unique elopement ceremony ideas! I especially loved the mixing of the drinks, how fun! Although I’m sure couples would need to think through which drinks to mix so they taste yummy afterwards! Thanks so much for sharing

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