Adventurous Hiking Grand Canyon Elopement

May 2, 2019





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Adventurous Hiking Grand Canyon Elopement

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Would you hike 5 miles into the Grand Canyon on your elopement day? That is exactly how Riley and Kevin wanted to celebrate their love. This adventurous hiking Grand Canyon elopement was nothing short of magical, , and this place holds so much significance to these two. During this whole adventure we bonded over our love for wildflowers, the wide open southwest sky, and this beautiful place in Arizona.

Their Special Place

If you’ve ever met Riley and Kevin then you’d know how madly in love they are with the southwest. They are self proclaimed dirty hippies, and two of my favorite people in the world. I was lucky to become friends with them after immediately clicking at a community bonfire a few years ago. It’s been nothing short of amazing to get to know them over the years.

Riley and Kevin both grew up in Colorado Springs just a few miles away from each other. They were best friends over the years and eventually became partners during college. After their move to northern Arizona for college they developed their deep love for the Grand Canyon.

Over their college years they escaped into the canyon for dozens upon dozens of adventures. Their love for each other and for the earth grew on each trip. Kevin proposed to Riley in a slot canyon in the Grand Canyon after an epic trip, and it only made sense for them to have an adventurous hiking elopement in the Grand Canyon to celebrate their love.

Their Adventure

This hiking Grand Canyon elopement began before sunrise. We started down one of Riley and Kevin’s favorite dayhike trails. All along the way we all shared stories of our various adventures, obsessed over beautiful wildflowers, watched for huge condors, and ate lots of candy. The hike ended up being around 11 miles total, and it was totally worth every step. Being sub rim in the Grand Canyon is a completely different experience than stopping along a viewpoint. You can see how the Grand Canyon consists of so many layers and more canyons within itself. All along the way Riley pointed out spots where they have camped and had adventures. They especially love getting down to the Colorado river to enjoy the tranquility of being at the bottom of this huge canyon. This adventure didn’t lead us down to the river, but it did lead us to a perfect spot for them to share a first look and adventure.

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Before changing into their wedding clothes we snacked on peanut butter and jellies and potato chips- lunch of the champions. They shared their private first look with the most glorious view behind them. We all couldn’t stop saying how beautiful it was. We spent the rest of the day exploring all around this mesa in absolute awe. Talk about being on such a high! I will always love thinking back to this adventure and how perfect it was for Riley and Kevin. Man, I love it.

Riley’s dress: David’s Bridal

Hiking packs: Osprey

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