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Edgy Sedona Engagement Session at Cathedral Rock| Isabel+Ben|Sedona Engagement Photographer

September 23, 2019





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Cathedral Rock engagement session

Isabel and Ben’s Edgy Engagement Session at Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona

Isabel and Ben are high school sweethearts that met sophomore year and have been inseparable ever since! Taking their edgy Sedona engagement session photos was a special experience because their love story is similar to mine and my husband Chad’s journey. Ben proposed senior year of college at NAU in Sedona and Northern Arizona has become a significant place for them. Isabel had her heart set on taking engagement photos at Cathedral Rock in Sedona. This intermediate hike, on a warm summer day, did not pose any issues for these two! Laughter and smiles were in abundance the entire time. As we reached the top of our climb on Cathedral Rock, the summer sun clashed with the red rocks. This created a spectacular golden hue.

Capturing The Different Colors

The maroon dress that Isabel wore was absolutely gorgeous. I was taken back by how their edgy, yet elegant, wardrobe fit so perfectly in this environment. As the session continued, the hue from the sunlight shifted. It went from a golden hue into one that deepened into soft pinks and shades of purples and blues. Maroon made for a beautiful accent color against the color changing rocks at Cathedral Rock! Some areas of Sedona have limited plant life, however, that is not the case at Cathedral Rock. Cacti and shrubbery scatter the land and blend in with the red rock. This location offers shots of bold red rock standing out and meshing with native plant life. 

Being a Sedona based photographer, I am always surprised how each couple brings their unique touch to this place. Even though Cathedral Rock is a popular location for shoots, each experience has been wildly different. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to experience it with this awesome couple! Isabel and Ben have such a bright future ahead of them and their adventurous spirits are inspiring! 

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