bride and groom at their elopement in Telluride


Colorado Elopement in the Mountains

December 11, 2019





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bride and groom at their adventure elopement in Telluride
Landon and Joelle’s Autumn elopement in Telluride, Colorado

This blog post is a special one because it is featuring my really good friends Landon and Joelle. I met these two outdoor loving people a couple of years ago when I was newly married! Anybody who has met Landon and Joelle can tell you that they are two of the sweetest, most down to earth people. I was lucky to capture their elopement in Telluride, Colorado since I was unable to capture their full wedding with all of their friends and family because I was already booked for their day. Yes, my heart is STILL sad about this. Nonetheless, I am still grateful to have been able to explore one of their favorite places and capture their love amongst the golden aspen trees in Telluride, Colorado.

One of my favorite parts of being a Colorado elopement photographer is the beautiful biodiversity of the state. You can see rolling plains, huge mountain ranges, and silt filled rivers in a matter of 20 miles! It’s crazy!  I specifically loved this elopement in Telluride because it was a multi-location adventure, which was perfect for Landon and Joelle.

The first part of this elopement in Telluride took place in a golden aspen grove for their first look. It was so raw and filled with all the best emotions. We explored around the aspen grove and hiked to another spot with tall pine trees. After dancing in the trees we hopped into the car and headed to one of their favorite mountain overlook spots. It was a clear sunny day, but don’t let the photos fool you! It was FREEZING! Let’s just say we had to take multiple breaks to warm up!

Our last location was at a beautiful campsite right by a lake. We ended the day watching the golden sun set below the mountains and popped open our favorite Breckenridge Brewery beers and cooked some soup on the propane stove. We all camped under the stars and even took some photos under the Milky Way. It was the PERFECT way to end Landon and Joelle’s elopement in Telluride.

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