Car camping inspired engagement session in Moab, Utah

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Moab Engagement Session | Car Camping & Fun Adventures!

March 9, 2020





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I’m so stoked to be sharing this FUN Moab engagement session today! Henry and Amanda wanted their engagement session to represent them so that’s exactly what we did! Moab, Utah is one of their favorite spots to explore so we spent the afternoon exploring the red rocks. If you love happiness and car camping- you’re gonna love this session! I’m pretty sure I’ve never met happier people!!

-Happy Adventuring!!

Henry and Amanda are two avid adventurers and rock climbers who spend all of their free time at the climbing gym, in nature, or taking a trip to Moab, Utah. Henry even proposed to Amanda after a rock climbing adventure at one of the mountains in the background of these photos- how awesome!? It was only fitting for them to do their engagement session in the place that brings them so much happiness!

We started their engagement session at their converted Subaru that they renovated for all of their car camping adventures. We made a warm cup of coffee and got to hang out before heading off to the red rocks.


** Pro Tip: Have your engagement session represent you and your partner! Think outside of the box… What are your favorite things to do together!? Maybe you like staying at home and watching the Office with your pups… or maybe you like to spend your days hanging out in canyons in the desert. This is your time to be creative and have FUN!


After having a warm cup of Joe with lots of creamer we made our way to an epic trailhead. This trailhead is one of my favorites for a Moab engagement session because it’s super private and the views are unreal. We had this whole area to ourselves! It was so awesome! I will never get used to the unreal rock formations in Moab. If you’ve never visited you need to add it to your bucket list!


**Leave No Trace Tip: Deserts like Moab, Utah have this special kind of living soil called cryptobiotic soil. This soil is what helps the desert live through harsh conditions. There are actual tiny organisms that make up this crust. This soil is very fragile and needs to be avoided! If stepped on it can take a few years to several decades to recover. Watch out for it on your desert adventures!


This Moab engagement session was definitely an adventure I’ll never forget! I’m thankful to have meet these two awesome humans that I now get to call friends! I can’t wait to be back in the desert to celebrate their wedding day next month!!

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