Sunset Desert Canyon Elopement in Arizona

April 6, 2024





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Husband & Wife Elopement Photography & Videography Team
Based in Sedona, Arizona, ready for any adventure!

Meet Caitlyn & Chad


One thing that some may surprise people when they experience Sedona, Arizona for the first time is just how epic the landscape is. You’ll pass tall, sandstone buttes as you first drive on the highway in town and as you go deeper you’ll see canyons of every tone of red, pink, purple, and blue. There are what feels like endless amounts of hikes in this little town but the ones that Molly and Mark chose for their day happen to be in my top five! They chose these hikes for their diverse, yet absolutely epic landscape, lack of tourists, and they happened to be the desired distance they wanted to adventure!

Being a more reserved couple, these two gravitated towards hikes that would let them have some solitude on their day. We got to explore and just *breathe* without other tourists around. Some think this would be impossible to find in a busy spot like Sedona but trust me, there are always spots available like this! You just have to say YES to the adventure.

Here’s the lovely review that Molly and Mark left me after their elopement experience! Words can’t describe how much this means to me!

If you need an elopement photographer, then you need Caitlyn! It really is that simple, she is truly the best! We were lucky enough to have somehow found Caitlyn’s website when we decided to elope. She was the first and only photographer/planner we talked to. Something about that initial phone call made us feel like she was the perfect fit for our wedding day. On that first call and every email and call after she made everything super easy, fun, and stress free. Not only is she the best photographer (in our opinion), but she is an amazing elopement planner. When our wedding day came around and we met her in person for the first time, it felt like we already knew her and she made us feel very comfortable. Our wedding day was magical and absolutely perfect and wouldn’t have been possible without all of Caitlyn’s knowledge and talent. And bonus, we got our preview the NEXT day, and the whole gallery came soon after that.”

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