Bride and groom on a jeep ride on their elopement day

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Unforgettable Experiences You Can Do On Your Elopement Day

February 4, 2020





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You’ve decided to ditch your traditional big wedding day and instead have an intimate elopement. First off, congrats! That’s a huge decision to go against the grain and do what fit you and your partner. Now here comes the planning! This part of elopement planning can be a little overwhelming since you are probably the only one you know that has decided to elope.

That’s why I’m here.

Today I will be giving you a ton of different ideas for epic experiences that you can add to your elopement day! Your elopement day is yours to craft. You and your partner can choose what you want the day to look like from beginning to end. Adding one of these experiences to your elopement day will help make it the most unforgettable day ever. This blog post is to help you and your partner start to dream so don’t be afraid to add an experience that isn’t on this list. The possibilities for your elopement day are endless.

Happy Adventuring!


Off-roading is my partner and I’s newest favorite activity to do when we are looking for an adventure that doesn’t require too much physical activity. The type of terrain that you want to explore will affect the type of vehicle you will need for your off roading adventure; jeep, ATV, RZR, etc. If you don’t feel like driving on your wedding day then an awesome option for you would be a jeep adventure. You can find a jeep company local to your elopement destination to hire a professional driver if you want to go on extreme roads.

One of my favorite parts about off roading is the remote locations that it can take you to. Whether you want to go to the top of a mountain, to the edge of a canyon, or in the middle of the desert an off roading vehicle can take you there.

I offer jeep adventures for 2 person elopements in Arizona so if this sounds like the perfect experience for you and your partner, then contact me HERE!

Bride and groom on a jeep ride on their elopement day.

2.Hot Air Balloon Ride

Want a different perspective of the beautiful place that you have decided to elope at? One of the coolest experiences you can add to your elopement day is a hot air balloon ride! Hot air balloon rides are especially popular in the southwest. On any given day at sunrise or sunset you can look up in the sky and see a colorful hot air balloon floating across the sky. This experience would be perfect for the couples that want an intimate, peaceful experience to add to their elopement day. Imagine sipping champagne with your best friend as you are watching the sun set below the desert….

Want to add a hot air balloon experience to your Sedona elopement? Check out this local company.

hot air balloon ride for elopement in sedona

3.Boat Ride

Do you prefer the water over the sky? No problem! Another one of my favorite experiences to add to an elopement day is a boat ride. You get to decide if you want to have the boat as you main mode of transportation during your whole wedding day, or you just want to use it for a short adventure. Imagine how fun it would be to cruise around secluded canyons in Lake Powell or in a lake with Mount Baker in the background.

Another fun idea would be to stay on a house boat! My family and I once did a family reunion on a house boat and it is still an experience everyone talks about 20 years later. It’d be pretty awesome to fall asleep and wake up on a lake on your elopement day!

houseboat on lake Powell


If you and your partner love to ski on your days off, why not ski on your elopement day? Skiing would be the perfect experience to add to your winter elopement. Pack a few extra layers and gloves and I’ll pack the hand warmers and hot cocoa! Another awesome thing about skiing is the opportunity for a much more secluded spot for your ceremony. Not to mention how much FUN it would be! Who wants to shred some snow on their elopement day!?

5.Sky Diving

This activity is for those who really want an EPIC elopement experience. Skydiving isn’t for the faint of heart but if you really want to start your marriage off with a bang it might be the perfect experience for you. Whether this be the first time you’re jumping or you’re a seasoned jumper I think this would be such a fun thing to do. All you’ll need to do is find a company local to your elopement location! I wouldn’t suggest doing this particular activity in your wedding attire LOL!


Rappelling is when you descend down a near vertical surface attached to a rope system. Rappelling is a popular activity among explorers in the southwest due to the abundance of canyons. Also called canyoneering, rappelling is an awesome activity if you want to find a remote spot for your vow ceremony. Canyoneering typically requires hiking off trail for several miles. Canyoneering can be dangerous so it’s important that you are experienced or you go with an experienced guide. Don’t let that scare you! Canyoneering is such a thrill and there is nothing like being on a canyon wall. It’s one of my newest favorite activities and it would be an awesome experience to add to your elopement day!

Want to learn more about rappelling? Here’s an article that explains more about this awesome activity!

rappelling in arizona


Maybe you don’t want to do anything too extreme on your elopement day, which is totally okay! An awesome experience to add to your elopement day would be to hike. Whether you want to hike at one of your favorite mountains, or try out a new trail, I’m down for the adventure. I’ve seen couples hike anywhere from half a mile to 10 miles on their wedding day so it’s completely up to you and your partner. Don’t worry about figuring out how to pack up your wedding dress or flowers- I got you.

Want some inspiration for your elopement day that requires a little bit of hiking? Check out this Grand Canyon elopement!

8.Helicopter Ride

If you want a really epic experience to add to your elopement day and an awesome views, then adding a helicopter ride to your elopement day would be perfect for you! Helicopter rides are thrilling, breathtaking, and a great way to arrive to a very secluded spot for you to say your vows. Whether you want to take a tour over an Alaskan glacier, over the Grand Canyon, or over your favorite town- it’s up to you.

There are all of my suggestions! Remember this is just the start of what kind of experiences you can add to your elopement day! I hope this blog post helped inspire you to add an epic experience to your elopement day! Talk with your partner (and your photographer!) about what your perfect day could look like.

Want to start planning your dream elopement day? Contact me now!

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