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Engagement Session at Zion National Park

December 16, 2019





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Erica and Matt’s Engagement Session at Zion National Park

Caitlyn Jennings Photo- Zion Wedding Photographer

Engagement session at Zion national park at canyon overlook trail

Erica and Matt’s engagement session at Zion National Park started at the crack of dawn so we could beat all of the crowds and have a little bit of privacy for their session. Sunrise sessions may be an early morning wakeup call, but when you want to have your engagement session at a national park it is very necessary! It was pretty magical to watch the sun rise above the canyon walls and to only have a few other humans crazy enough to be out there at 5am, haha!

One of the best parts about doing your engagement session at Zion National Park is the versatility with the scenery! We started off at a beautiful red rock canyon overlook and then went a couple miles down the road and found creek access with the red mountains surrounding us. It was pretty dang magical, and so perfect to have diverse photos! Zion National Park has an awesome variety of trails ranging from very easy to extreme, so if you’ve always dreamed of doing a hiking adventure session it could be the perfect place for you!

How to Start Planning Your Engagement Session in Zion 

Another important thing to keep in mind for your engagement session at Zion National Park is the time of year! Summer temperatures can be well over 100 and there are high risks for flash floods due to monsoon season. Autumn is said to be the best time of year for decent weather, not as many crowds, and less risks of flooding. Spring can be chilly and there is a possibility for closures in the canyon due to high water levels due to snow melt. Winter has the least amount of tourists and there may be icy spots along the canyon. You can read all about the best times to visit Zion National Park here! Personally, my favorite time is late autumn!

It was so awesome getting to go on this early morning adventure with Erica and Matt before their wedding right outside Zion National Park. If you wanna see another adventure at a national park, check out this adventure session at Yosemite National Park!

Let’s start planning your dream engagement session at YOUR favorite place! 

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