Bride and groom at their sunny elopement in Sedona, Arizona.


Sedona Elopement in the Red Rocks

January 9, 2020





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Sedona Elopement in the Red Rocks

This Sedona Elopement in the red rocks was one for the books! Fabian and Lindsay came all the way from Florida to have the desert elopement of their dreams in the southwest. They ditched their big wedding plans and never looked back. 

Keep reading to see more about this Sedona elopement!


When Lindsay first reached out to me about their elopement she knew that she wanted to get married in the southwest but didn’t know exactly where since she had never been before. As her elopement photographer and guide we both worked together to pick out the perfect location for their adventure and planned out all of the logistics of the day. I absolutely love working together with couples to help plan their dream elopement! The possibilities are truly endless and we were able to make Lindsay and Fabian’s day absolutely magical. 

After we decided that Sedona, Arizona would be the perfect location for their elopement we explored all of the ideas of what they wanted their day to be filled with. They decided on doing an epic jeep tour adventure into the red rocks with us ending up in a secluded location overlooking all of Sedona. This was the perfect idea because it required a minimal amount of hiking but had the best views. 

This jeep adventure inspired me to buy my very own Jeep for adventure sessions like this one! Now I offer jeep adventures as an option within my Sedona elopement packages. Book yours HERE. 

The Day 

Lindsay and Fabian’s Sedona elopement started off with a rocky ride down a 4×4 road that leads to a secluded mountain lookout. We got to blast some music, share some stories, and gaze upon the most beautiful red rock scenery. 

We arrived to our location and they shared the sweetest first look and exchanged vows. When I asked Lindsay and Fabian what their favorite part of the day they said,

“Reading our vows to each other such a special and personal moment! I didn’t think I would get as emotional as I did but the whole scenery and environment was absolutely perfect.”

We continued their adventure at another nearby spot to see more scenic views of the red rocks and for them to share their first dance. Their first dance was completely private during the most vivid golden hour. It was beautiful and so intimate! It was the perfect end to their adventure for their Sedona elopement in the red rocks. 

Advice for Couples Who are Eloping

Here are some words of advice from the couple:

“Research your photographer. Love everything they do! Don’t settle on someone because of a price. Truly will make the difference in a the experience and how everything turns out.”

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  1. Kelley Collins says:

    These are beautiful pics. Can’t say enough. From one photographer to another these are the best, capturing the love of the couple and the beauty of Sedona.

  2. Melissa Lee says:

    This is my beautiful Neice. She is an exceptional woman who enjoys life to the fullest and follows her dreams. Living in Florida, a bachelorette party in New York City to a Wedding in beautiful Sedona. Who would of thought that eloping would be such a beautiful experience. Certainly not your Elvis Wedding! Your photographs capture every precious moment and have fulfilled Lindsays and Fabians dreams that will last a lifetime. Looking at your incredible photos make our family feel like we were there. You captured beauty, emotion and fun filled fairytale moments. I commend you. My Daughter just got engaged and this is truly a inspiration for her and many others who are lucky enough to find your website. Perhaps you have another client! Maybe two Jeeps a picnic basket and blanket. But only pictures of the Bride and Groom!

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