Bride and groom on the edge of Cathedral Rock at their Sedona elopement.


Top 5 Elopement Locations in Arizona

January 16, 2020





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Arizona is arguably one of the best states for your adventure elopement. Over 55% of Arizona is public lands which means tons of options for outdoor activities and for your elopement. If you have never been to Arizona it can be hard to decide on the perfect place for your Arizona elopement. That’s why today I have put together the “Top 5 Elopement Locations in Arizona”. This guide will help you and your partner pick the perfect spot to elope at without having to stress. Whether you want epic red rocks, green forests, or a sea of cactus, I got you. Make sure you do the proper research for permits and follow all leave no trace principles.

Happy adventuring!

1.Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is the perfect spot for your Arizona elopement if you love red rocks. Sedona is a small town north of Phoenix and south of Flagstaff. It is known for the vast red rock mountains, crystal shops, and all things hippie. If you love hiking, mountain biking, or wine drinking then Sedona is the place for you. It doesn’t get as hot as Phoenix in the summer, but not as cold as the mountains. Oak Creek runs through Sedona so you can take a dip in the middle of your elopement adventure.

Sedona, Arizona is also filled with lots of different options for epic experiences. You and your partner can take a 4×4 Jeep ride to get to a private cliff, take a plane ride over the red rock mountains, or go on a hot air balloon ride during sunrise.

I specialize in Sedona elopements so if you have fallen in love with the red rocks and you want to plan your own adventure, contact me now!

2.Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff, Arizona is one of my favorite elopement locations in Arizona. Believe it or not there is an entire mountain town in Arizona! Flagstaff is known for it’s ponderosa pine forests, epic snowboarding, and cozy coffee shops. If you want cooler weather, forests, and mountains for your elopement then Flagstaff is a great option for you.

Choosing the best time of year for your elopement in Flagstaff is very important! With the town sitting at 7000 ft in elevation it gets unpredictable weather and up to 100 inches of snow a year! Flagstaff is the perfect option if you want snow, autumn leaves, or wildflower filled meadows in the summer.

Bride and groom at their autumn elopement in Flagstaff, Arizona.

3.Grand Canyon National Park

Arizona is home to one of the seven wonders of the world- the magical Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is a sight that everyone should at least once in their life. Why not say your vows right on the edge during sunrise or sunset? The Grand Canyon is perfect for your elopement if you are a thrill seeker- I mean who else would want to elope on a 2000ft cliff? I know I would!

Bride and groom at their elopement in Grand Canyon National Park

For your elopement at the Grand Canyon National Park you must obtain special use permits. Make sure to obtain those and follow all safety precautions! Remember: it’s not worth the picture!

Bride and groom dancing at their wedding at the Grand Canyon

4.Page, Arizona

Page, Arizona is home to the infamous Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon that you have probably seen on your instagram feed. Page is a town located in the Navajo Nation and is known for it’s lakes, canyons, and red rocks. Page is great for those who want to include some epic experiences on their elopement day. Some experiences I recommend to my couples include a boat ride on Lake Powell, an off-roading adventure to the edge of the canyon, and guided canyon hiking experiences.

Bride and groom at their elopement at Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona

There a special use permits required for elopements in Page, Arizona. You can find more information about them here.

Are you brave enough for this 800ft cliff?

5.Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona is a great place for your elopement if you want cactus-filled photos, vivid sunsets, and a real desert adventure. Phoenix is probably what you think of when you think of desert. It is the biggest city in Arizona but is filled with dozens of spots that are perfect for your adventure elopement. If you want the convenience of staying in a big city, but with the beauty of the desert then Phoenix is the spot for you!

If you’ve always dreamed of getting married next to a cactus then Phoenix would be the best elopement location for you. Certain areas need special permits and as always it is important to be educated and prepared for the scenery. There could be a rattlesnake sitting in the bush right next to you and you’d never know!

Bride and groom at their elopement next to cactus in Phoenix, Arizona

Don’t let the rattlesnakes or extreme heat scare you away! Arizona is a great state for fellow adventurers. If you want an unforgettable elopement experience don’t hesitate and book your plane tickets. The desert is waiting for you!

That’s it folks! There are the top 5 elopement locations in Arizona. If you are ready to start planning your own elopement, contact me here!

Want more? Check out my blog post all about How to Elope in Arizona!

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