How to elope in Arizona


How To Elope in Arizona

January 17, 2020





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How To Elope in Arizona in 2020- Elopement Planning Tips

Arizona is arguably one of the best states to elope in the entire United States. Ranging from the vast saguaro filled deserts, to the red rocks, to the mountains town- the scenery won’t disappoint. There’s a lot to consider when you choose to elope in Arizona! The legalities, the weather, and so much more! Here are all of my top tips and tricks for eloping in Arizona!

Happy adventuring!!

How to elope in Arizona

1.Decide What Scenery You Want

Believe it or not, Arizona is one of the most diverse states in the country. All within 100 miles you can find cactus-filled deserts, rolling plains, canyons, red rock mountains, and high-elevation mountains.

2.Obtain Any Special Permits That Are Required

Depending on what location you and your partner choose you will need to obtain special permits for your elopement. I recommend working with your photographer to ensure that you get the proper permits in time, including a separate photographer’s special use permit.

Permits range from $30 to $200 depending on the location. Always do your research ahead of time. Here is some helpful information on eloping in an Arizona state park.

3.Plan Around The Cooler Months

If you plan on getting married in the desert you MUST be aware of how hot it really gets. Summers in Phoenix and Tucson can reach up to 120 degree Fahrenheit. You can put yourselves in serious danger if you decide to adventure during the wrong time of the year.

You’ll want to plan your Arizona elopement around the Spring, Fall, and Winter. Avoid the desert in May-August at all costs. If you want to plan a Summer elopement I suggest staying in northern Arizona where it rarely reaches 100 degrees. Here is an article on everything you need to know about Arizona weather.

4.Secure Your Vendors

Once you have decided to elope in Arizona do not hesitate to books your vendors. I suggest you book your adventure elopement photographer first so they can help you choose the perfect spot to have your ceremony at. Your photographer can also help suggest local vendors that they love and recommend for their couples.

If you’re unfamiliar with eloping, I highly encourage you to find a photographer that specializes in elopements. Yup, that exists! Some photographers (like me!) have fallen in love with the adventure that comes with eloping. Elopement photographers are more likely to have more knowledge about planning an elopement, finding the perfect locations, and providing answers to all of your questions about eloping! Eloping can be a bit intimidating, but with the right guide, it can be the best, stress free experience ever!

Wanna know more about the experience I give my couples who have chosen to elope? Contact me now!

5.Book Your Epic Experiences

Arizona is filled with tons of epic experiences for you and your partner to choose from to add to your elopement day. Adding one of these to your elopement experience would help make your Arizona elopement absolutely unforgettable!

Some epic experiences that I would suggest include a hike into the Grand Canyon, a sunrise hot air balloon experience, a boat and jet ski ride on a lake, or a private plane ride over Sedona. The possibilities are endless.

6.Be Prepared And Educated

The desert isn’t for the faint of heart. The extreme heat, the lack of water, and lack of phone service means that you need to prepare ahead of time for your Arizona elopement. This includes coming during the right months, watching for dangerous weather patterns like flash floods, poisonous animals, and coming with plenty of water and snacks.

7.Get the Legal Stuff Ready

In Arizona you must apply for your marriage license in person. That means if you are coming from out of state, you must plan to get your marriage license before your wedding day. Luckily, it’s pretty easy! All you and your partner need to do is appear together at one of the Justice Court Office, have your IDs ready, and $83. Once you get approved, you are ready to go! Your license is valid for up to 12 months and there is no waiting period.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassles of getting married outside of your home state, I would highly suggest you get the legalities done in your home state. It’s totally up to you and your partner either way!

That’s it folks! I hope that it gets you excited for your elopement day! If you need any help choosing the perfect spot for your Arizona elopement, contact me now!

Want some more inspiration for your elopement in Arizona? Here is an elopement in Sedona, Arizona!

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