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Summer Elopement in Sedona |Full Wedding Story, Tips, & Tricks

July 19, 2023





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I’ll forever remember Ashley and Austin’s early summer elopement to feel like pure sunshine and happiness. These two and all of their loved ones radiated pure JOY throughout the whole day. They made their entire elopement planning process and wedding day so fun and it was incredible to see the day come into fruition! This warm June day was absolute gorgeous and Arizona really showed these Wisconsin locals just how beautiful the desert can be. Read on for more about their day and how to have a perfect summer elopement in Sedona!

Planning Their Summer Elopement

When I first spoke to Ashley on the phone for their elopement consult I just knew that we were going to be an incredible fit for their day. They wanted their day to be fun and carefree which is exactly what we specialize in! We planned a day that not only included their family members, but one that also prioritized their quality time together as a couple.

We worked together to find a ceremony location that would work well for their family member’s abilities without compromising views. Luckily that’s not too difficult here in Sedona! For their adventure they wanted epic views but we needed to keep hiking minimal due to the heat. We hopped into a Jeep and found the most epic views for them to say their vows and then adventure afterwards. Having a small reception with their loved ones was important so we made sure to plan some time for dancing, cake, and a shot ski!

It’s Time for Their Adventure!

I knew it was going to be a fun day when the first thing Ashley did when we walked into the door of their lodging was offer us shots. Our midwest couples sure know how to welcome us into the family, haha! This group had us laughing all day long and by the end of it we seriously all felt like best friends. It couldn’t have been a better day!

Ashley and Austin’s elopement was the last of our spring/summer season in Sedona. Planning a summer elopement in Sedona can be tricky. As a Sedona expert I highly recommend only sticking to very early summer or very late summer! We strictly stop taking elopements after the June 15th mark and after first week of September to avoid extreme heat and monsoon thunderstorms. In the past we have experienced 110+ degree heat in June in Sedona so it’s extremely important to be prepared for your summer elopement!

Summer Elopement Planning Tips

  1. Make sure you consider heat when picking your locations! The heat will feel more intense in the direct sun and much more manageable in the shade. Stick to shorter distances and consider using an off-roading vehicle if possible!
  2. Stick to lighter materials for your wedding attire. Consider trying on wedding dresses that are flowy and will allow for you to properly cool off. Check out linen suits or thinner cotton. You can even opt out of a coat and have a more casual vibe.
  3. Hydrate before, during, and after! And not just with your favorite beer 😉 Electrolytes will be your best friend in the heat. I personally love Nuun hydration tabs!
  4. Don’t forget that SPF! Make sure you wear it before your day too.
  5. If you’re worried about the heat, elope in a place with more mild summers! We love the mountains and by the ocean!

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