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December 2, 2019





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Howie and Sue’s Yosemite Adventure Elopement that made my dreams come true!

Howie and Sue made my dreams come true! This amazing couple wanted me to join them on an adventure elopement in Yosemite and I was near tears from excitement! Not only was this a dream come true, but they are so easy-going and seek to make the most of each moment together. This Yosemite adventure elopement is not how these love birds originally tied the knot. Howie and Sue married in Thailand, but wanted to renew their vows here in Yosemite National Park.  

What is amazing about Yosemite National Park is that it is so versatile. You can be near water, near mountains, near both, or in a meadow. It is such a diverse landscape. My love for Yosemite grew with each moment I have spent there. From previous visits, I knew just the spots Howie and Sue needed pictures at! We drove all around Yosemite valley hoping off the side of the road (parking legally of course) and getting photos at spots we loved. We continued our lookout for more spots the entirety of the session! 

Making the Most of Our Adventure

It was a beautiful day with a beautiful couple. The granite mountains in Yosemite National Park encase you into a comfortable feeling between you and mother nature. It is absolutely magical and breathtaking. These granite walls make you feel so small and it is unreal! One we found Howie and Sue’s ideal spot they felt was perfect, we stopped so they could a moment similar to a vow renewal. Howie and Sue wrote each other cards with important things in their relationship written out. It was such a special and loving moment that just made my hopeless romantic heart melt! 

Our day consisted of good music, positive vibes, hiking all around Yosemite, and fulfilling a life-long dream of mine shooting here! Like seriously, my phone case is a picture of Yosemite. I hope to be hosting sessions here a lot more in the future! These photos show the joy and love Howie and Sue share and it makes me so happy! I sure hope they make you want to plan your special adventure with me!  

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