bride and groom kissing on a cliff edge with the sunset in the background at merry go round rock in sedona arizona

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Merry Go Round Rock Elopement in Sedona, Arizona

August 29, 2021





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Bride and groom kissing with the sunset in the background on red rocks at merry go round rock in sedona, arizona

Merry Go Round Rock Elopement in Sedona, Arizona

We are so stoked to be sharing Angelina and Miguel’s epic elopement experience at Merry Go Round Rock in Sedona, Arizona! When we first spoke on the phone about their elopement we immediately clicked over our love for our dogs, adventuring, and off-roading! It was so much fun to help them plan an elopement experience that was filled with everything they valued. Adventure, family, and intimate time together were their top values for the day so that is exactly what they got!

Angelina & Miguel’s Elopement Story

Their day began getting ready at their beautiful vacation rental right in the heart of Sedona. Angelina and Miguel were able to spend their morning with their family, leisurely getting ready, with the most incredible views of all of the scenery just outside their window. Talk about the ideal getting ready experience!! We love when our couples rent vacation homes for getting ready because there is plenty of space and usually great lighting which makes for great photos and video! Sedona is filled with tons of incredible rentals so be sure to check them out when planning your elopement!

Planning Their Elopement Experience

While helping Angelina and Miguel plan their elopement experience we talked about all of what Sedona, Arizona has to offer. They had never visited before so I got to show them all of my favorite spots and experiences that this area has to bring. Off-roading is one of their favorite activities so it only seemed perfect for them to go on a 4×4 road to their elopement location.

Merry Go Round Rock is one of our all time favorite locations in Sedona. It’s quite the adventure to get there and the views are out of this world! You need to rent a 4×4 Jeep or use your own off-roading car for this location or you can hike 6.4 miles! We personally think off-roading adds to the entire experience so we always recommend that.

Pro Tip: If you or your guests aren’t comfortable off-roading we highly recommend going through a Jeep tour company. We recommend checking out Pink Jeep Tours because they are familiar with weddings at this location.

Merry Go Round Rock Ceremony

All of the wedding guests packed up in their own Jeeps and followed Angelina and Miguel to their epic ceremony spot. It’s quite the long and rocky road but every single guest was blown away by the scenery when they arrived. Believe it or not, we only had to hike half a mile to their secluded ceremony spot. That is one of the perks of choosing an off-roading adventure for your elopement experience! We can typically get to super beautiful places with less hiking involved.

One of our favorite parts of Angelina and Miguel’s day were when they left letters and tequila in a box for them to open up on a future anniversary. What a unique and fun idea!! We also loved how they broke away from their family for a private adventure session at sunset so they could have time for just them two. They shared their first dance as the sun was setting below the mountains and it was pure magic! Talk about the perfect ending to the perfect day!

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