Bride and groom at the Sedona elopement on the edge of a cliff during sunset.


Sedona Elopement on a Cliff {Sedona Elopement Photographer}

January 6, 2020





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Sedona Elopement on a Cliff

Caitlyn Jennings Photo, Sedona Elopement Photographer

Jadyn and Michael ditched their big wedding and decided to have a completely private and secret elopement on a cliff overlooking Sedona, Arizona. Their entire day was spent in solitude at one of their favorite campsites that overlooks stunning formations of Arizona’s desert landscape. After the sun set they concluded their wedding day with stew by the campfire. When I asked was their favorite part of the day was they said how easy and stress free it was. I believe that is exactly how every wedding day should be. This Sedona elopement on a cliff may inspire you to completely ditch your big wedding and hey- I won’t stop you. It was a perfect, peaceful experience for everyone involved. 

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Bride and groom at the Sedona elopement on the edge of a cliff during sunset.

Bride and groom laughing during their vows at the elopement in Sedona, Arizona.Bride and groom at their secret elopement in Sedona, Arizona kissing in the forest.

A Secret Sedona Elopement Ceremony 

Jadyn and Michael’s relationship has always revolved around the outdoors; camping, hiking, fishing, etc. It was only fitting when Michael proposed to Jadyn by a campfire. They knew that when planning a wedding they wanted it to reflect them- easy going and outdoorsy. That is exactly what they got! 

We began their wedding day at one of their favorite camping spots that overlooks all of Sedona. It’s a local favorite and not very busy, which was perfect for Jadyn and Michael! To begin their Sedona elopement on a cliff their lovely officiant ,Jen, performed a sacred sage ceremony to cleanse the couple. Afterwards they proceeded to the cliff edge and had a Navajo inspired wedding ceremony. It felt so sacred to witness and capture these moments between Michael and Jadyn. 

After taking in the views of Sedona we explored into the nearby forest and caught the most beautiful sunlight. Jadyn and Michael shared their first dance amongst the pine trees and green ferns. After dancing in the forest we watched the sun set below Sedona. This spot is one of my absolute favorites for a Sedona elopement, especially for the sun sets. You can’t beat the golden goodness. 

When I asked Jadyn to give some advice for couples who are eloping she said this:

“Don’t feel guilty about eloping. This special day is 100%, absolutely, without a doubt all about the two of you. Anyone who doesn’t get that doesn’t need to be there anyway.” 

I hope that this post can encourage you to say “forget it!” to having a traditional big wedding if your heart has always dreamed of eloping. 

Ready to start planning your adventurous elopement? Let’s do it!

All of the lovely vendors who made this special secret elopement happen: 



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